Dr Sean Oliver-Dee


Sean has written books and articles in the field of religion and public policy for the past decade as well as lecturing at a number of academic institutions. He has also given a number of public lectures. Before his current role, Sean was the Interreligious Advisor for the Church of England’s Diocese of Peterborough and was also worked for the Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Representative to the European Union as the Researcher on Inter-Religious issues. Over the past few years, Sean has co-authored Parliamentary publications concerning religious liberty and co-authored a strategic analysis report on religious futures for the British Ministry of Defence. Most recently he has been a chapter lead for a Joint Research Centre, European Commission project investigating the relationship between values, identity and political participation across EU member states. 

Research Area/s: 

Study of Religions

Research Interests:

Western policymakers’ engagement with Islam and Muslim communities, historically and currently

Religious trends and dynamics in International Affairs

Religious liberty

External Engagement:

Fellow, Royal Historical Society

Fellow, Royal Asiatic Society

Associate, Oxford House Research


Oxford Centre for Religion & Culture

Oxford House Research

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