Francesca Po

Francesca Po


Thesis title:

Exploring Self-Religion: The New Age, the Emerging Church, and the Doctrine of Self-Authority in Plural Societies


The Very Revd Prof Martyn Percy, Dr Donovan Schaefer


The aim of this research is to demonstrate that (1) Self-religion is the social phenomenon which affirms and reinforces the doctrine of self-authority, which is a strategy of negotiation through diversity in plural societies, and (2) the Emerging Church is part of the overarching social phenomenon of Self-religion.


James William Squire Bursary

Other research interests:

• Social scientific study of religion

• Religion in contemporary society

• New religious movements (NRMs/‘cults’), popular religion, lived religion

• Nonreligion and religious change

• Integral studies and the evolution of consciousness

• World/Comparative religion

• Contemporary ecclesiology, ethnographic theology, implicit theology

• Cases: New Age, alternative spirituality, Emerging Church, Fresh Expressions, global appropriations of Christianity and Buddhism

Areas of teaching competence and experience (post-Transfer doctoral students):

• Sociology of religion

• Nature of religion

• Study of religion

• Introduction to Buddhism

• Buddhist ethics


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