Revd Dr Andrew Teal


Full faculty member since 2008. Formerly Admissions Coordinator, Disability Officer, a harassment advisor & teacher of New Testament Greek across the University. 

Chaplain, Fellow & Lecturer in Theology, Pembroke College Oxford.

Research Area/s

Historical & Systematic Theology, History of Christianity, Study of Religions

Research Interests

Patristic and Modern Theology, Christology & Ecclesiology, Eastern Theology & interfaith dialogue.

Theology and the arts.

Theology & Frontier Spirituality, especially committed to furthering theological understanding in dialogue with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

External Engagement

Warden of a women’s lay religious order (Sisters of the Love of God) in Oxford

Trusteeships of the following Charities in the city of Oxford:

  • Chair of Trustees Oxford Carers Centre
  • Trustee: All Saints Sisters of the Poor
  • Trustee & Member: Helen & Douglas House Children’s Hospices
  • Trustee & Member: ‘The Porch’ provision for homeless people in the City
  • Trustee: St John’s Nursing Home for elderly and vulnerable people, Cowley


Twitter: @chaplainpemb

Facebook: Arfx Teal


Latest publications

Teal A. Inspiring Service Interfaith Remarks with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland at Oxford 15 Nov 2019 (Book) 

Teal A. The Dynamics of Religious Persecution BYU Law & Religion, Provo, Utah. 01 Nov 2019 (Conference paper) Publisher URL 

Teal A. Athanasius and the language of doctrine BYU Podcast after Faculty Seminar (Media) Author URL 

Select Publications