Taylor Knight

Taylor Knight



Thesis title: The Intimate and the Impossible: Analogy Without Similitude in Jean-Luc Marion

Supervisor: Graham Ward

Research: I am arguing that the constructive philosophical project of Jean-Luc Marion offers a new way of thinking what has traditionally been thought of as an ‘analogical’ relation between God and the human person. I particularly examine his concept of the saturated phenomenon in order to show how we might construct the relation between incommensurable terms (God and the human being) through excess rather than similitude.

Funding: Holwell Scholar, The Queen’s College


‘Real Relation and the Saturated Phenomenon.’ Under Review.

Papers Given:

15 February, 2016: ‘Givenness and the Minded Animal,’ presented at the Modern Theology Seminar, Oxford Faculty of Theology and Religion

6 January, 2014: ‘Love’s Impossibility: Marion’s Phenomenological Account of Pascal’s Three Orders of Knowledge,’ presented at Society for the Study of Theology Postgraduate Conference, St John’s College, Oxford

4 October, 2013: ‘“The holy for the Holy”: How Tradition Gives Theo-logy in Jean-Luc Marion’s Hermeneutics of Charity,’ presented at the Duke University Graduate Conference in Theology

Other research interests: history of philosophy; theology and literature (especially Eliot and Coleridge); medieval mystical theology; theological anthropology.

Areas of teaching competence and experience: I have taught “God, Christ, and Salvation” and have competence to teach courses in theological anthropology, medieval mystical theology, theology and literature, and phenomenology.

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