Speaker's Lectures in Biblical Studies 2016-2017

"John's Knowledge of the Synoptic Gospels"

Mark Goodacre

Professor in the Department of Religious Studies, Duke University

12 noon in the Pusey Room, Keble College 

The Graduate Workshop will take place between 2pm and 4pm in the Gibbs Room, Keble College

The Lectures are open to the public


A series of four lectures delivered as follows:

Tuesday, 2nd May

"I believe in Dodd": John, Jesus and Historical Tradition


Wednesday, 3rd May

John's Dramatic Transformation of the Synoptics


Tuesday, 9th May

The Beloved Disciple for Readers of the Synoptics


Wednesday, 10th May

John's Christological Transformation of the Synoptics + Graduate Workshop (2pm-4pm)



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